Your time is valuable.
The financial planning process encompasses the following steps.
We work with you to accomplish these steps in the most time efficient manner.

Our process doesn’t end there.  Our relationship is an ongoing dialogue surrounding all of the life situations that you will encounter.
Our deep knowledge of your circumstances and goals combined with our expertise will allow us to counsel you to make better-informed decisions.

At OFC Wealth, we believe it is important to clearly disclose how we are paid for full-service investment and financial planning guidance and to offer more than one service model to our clients.

  • Asset-based advisory fees
  • Fee-only planning (hourly)

The model that fits best will likely depend upon individual client circumstances and interests.

Asset-based advisory fees

That said, the majority of our clients choose to work with OFC Wealth on an asset-based fee scale depending upon the size of the portfolio under consideration.

Importantly, although included in our portfolio analyses and financial planning reviews, we do not charge fees on assets that are not directly under our investment management (e.g., real estate, bank accounts, assets held in employer retirement plan accounts, etc.).
TD Ameritrade serves as the custodian for the investment advisory accounts.

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