We understand that not all goals are created equal.
The ultimate long-term goal for all clients is a secure retirement.
Beyond that, there are many other shorter and intermediate term goals including college funding, buying a home, planning a wedding, philanthropy and as many other goals as there are individuals.
Because of that, we work with you to look at each goal individually and develop a customized investment strategy that is aligned with your circumstances and supported by our best and most current thinking.

We invest principally in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).  ETFs are very flexible instruments that allow you to build a broadly diversified portfolio.
ETFs track broad indices such as the S&P 500.  But unlike mutual funds, which you buy and sell after the market closes, they trade like stocks during the day and are liquid.  ETFs are very low cost and extremely tax efficient.

Human Capital Management

Many people have exposure to the markets by way of their career.  A driving force of your income stream and, therefore your wealth, are tied to your industry and employer.  Therefore, your investment plan should reflect the additional risk that is inherent in your individual employment situation.

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